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Choco Factory
INR 950 INR 825

A Delicious Chocolate cake loaded with lots and lots of Choco chips and jelly. Special shecake choco..

Choco White Truffle
INR 850 INR 825

A light, White sponge cake topped with rich and creamy-white chocolate truffle mixture. just decaden..

Chocolate Extreme
INR 840 INR 780

Are you a chocolate lover? if Yes, definitely this is the flavour for you.Choose you taste with choc..

Chocolate Fantasy
INR 925 INR 825

Chocolate fantasy is a sponge type cake, it will melt in your mouth!. The chocolate flavour will mak..

Dark Choco Fantasy
INR 850 INR 780

Dark sponge with silk layers of dark chocolate with a roof of chocolate truffle. Break into this gre..

Dark Choco Heart(2kg)
INR 1,650 INR 1,350

You and your chocoholic loved one will devour this Dark Chocolate Heart Cake on Valentine’s Day.By D..

Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake 2kg
INR 2,300 INR 1,500

Revel in redness! Layers of red sponge with the right amount of cream and cherry-crush  in..

Red Velvet White Chocolate cream cheese
INR 1,050 INR 720

A wonderful recipe for the classic American red velvet cake with a white&nb..

Triple Layer Choco
INR 880 INR 735

Three decks of chocolate sponge with interludes of chocolate and choco nuts, all stacked up to ..

White Chocolate
INR 950 INR 850

This white chocolate cake from shecakes is made with the rich white chocolate and soft white sponge ..

White Truffle
INR 810 INR 780

Are you a White chocolate lover? if Yes, definitely this is the flavour for you.Choose you taste wit..

Chocolate Fantasy
INR 820 INR 780

Thick Chocolate inside and thick chocolate outside. 3 layers of chocolate experience .Eat more choco..

Opera Cake
INR 970 INR 850

A classic cake layered with chocolate, buttercream and chocolate glazing..

Red Velvet Heart (2kg)
INR 1,650 INR 1,440

Make a statement ! Be hopelessly romantic and let your heart reach out n convey the way you feel abo..

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