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    1. Why do you call yourself "Shecakes"? 

    Cakes are baked by women bakers at our factory. Our cakes do not contain artificial colour, fondant (too sugary) or marzipan (same reason as fondant) - things you would typically find in "beautiful cakes". We also do not use artificial ingredients in our cakes. Having said that, our Shecakes are beautiful in their own right. ;)


    2. Do you customise cakes?

    Yes, we do - but only with buttercream, artificial dye (only upon request) and icing printing.

     We also do tiered buttercream cakes. If you would like to customise a cake, please drop us a note at orders@shecakes.com. Thanks!


    4. Are your cakes very sweet?

    We've reduced the sugar content in all of our cakes and baked goods. However, certain flavours like Salted Caramel - by its nature - tend to be sweeter than the rest. The level of sweetness is subjective so please be the judge of it. :)


    5. Do you deliver cakes?

    Yes, we deliver cakes -  Minimum order should be Rs 400/-


    6. Do you cater to events?

    Yes, we cater to company events and weddings.


    7. Where is "the shop" ?

    We do not own a shop now. Home bakers are involved in our cake business.

    Baking is an art and onlywell-trained professionals can shape a flawless cake. One has to incorporatethe right amount of creativeness and taste for obtaining the “perfect cake”. SheCakeshas been winning the trust of the denizens of Kochi by rendering guaranteedservices to their valuable customers. The primary aim of online cake delivery in Kochi  is to spread the authentic tasteof cake that our nation has been missing for such a long time. Let your tastebuds relish on those palatable cakes that are produced by the experts of SheCakes.

    A party or celebration is awaited? Then SheCakes.com is theright place to be. We specialize in online cake delivery anywhere andeverywhere in Kochi. We know that any celebration can be enhanced with a cake but in thisfast-paced world, it is definitely difficult to step out of our daily routineand get cakes on time. Therefore, SheCakesprovides the right solution to that problem by providing online delivery ofcakes at your doorstep without the hassle of stepping out of your house oroffices. Cakes can be a good way to make people feel that they are special. Beit someone’s birthday, achievement or farewell in the office, cakes can alwaysbe the right things to celebrate and share happiness. We have all faced theunpleasant traffic in Kochi, so SheCakes.com wants to ensure that you get yourfavorite cake without stepping out of your comfort. We want to take the bruntof facing the tedious traffic and get you the cake of your choice delivered toyou at the time and date you chose.

    SheCakes.com can be the one stop solutionfor making your loved ones feel special by satisfying their sweet tooth whilesitting in the comfort of your living room. SheCakes is one of the trustedplaces that can ensure delivery of cakes at the time that you state. We takepride in stating that our idea is to deliver happiness and smiles so we takeextra care to ensure on time delivery. With us, you don’t have to worry aboutfollow-ups. You order the cake online and you can totally trust our on-timedelivery. We value customer satisfaction, therefore, we follow up our deliverieswith a customer feedback. We take pride in delivering cakes at a reasonableprice.

    CakesAvailable for Online Delivery

    We aim to cater to all kinds of cakerequirements and online delivery is our specialty. We have cakes for birthdays,weddings, anniversary or any other occasion that can elevate the celebrationand make someone feel special. The best part of ordering cakes online is thatyou can virtually enjoy the freedom of choice between the amazing combinationsof icing, toppings, and fillers that maybe sometimes are physically notavailable in the markets. Hence it embellishes the deliciousness of a freshlybaked cake and takes the mouth-wateringly moist cake to another height withouteven taking the physical and mental stress

    Payment made online is SSL Secured with High encryption shecakes.com  is linked all the national and international banks. So never worrying making the payment online.

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