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Choco Factory

A Delicious Chocolate cake loaded with lots and lots of Choco chips and jelly. Special shecake choco..

INR 825 INR 950
Choco White Truffle

A light, White sponge cake topped with rich and creamy-white chocolate truffle mixture. just decaden..

INR 825 INR 1,050
Chocolate Extreme

Are you a chocolate lover? if Yes, definitely this is the flavour for you.Choose you taste with choc..

INR 780 INR 840
Chocolate Fantasy

Chocolate fantasy is a sponge type cake, it will melt in your mouth!. The chocolate flavour will mak..

INR 825 INR 925
Chocolate Brownie

These brownies are mouth-wateringly rich and combine two of the most delicious flavors in the world ..

INR 20 INR 35
Chocolate Fantasy

Thick Chocolate inside and thick chocolate outside. 3 layers of chocolate experience .Eat more choco..

INR 780 INR 820
Chocolate Truffle

Chocolate Truffle..

INR 790
Chota Bheem Photo Cake 2KG

Chota Bhim Chocolate Cake by Shecakes is the yummiest cake you can gift your little one on their Bir..

INR 1,480
Customised Photo cake 2KG

get your customised Photo cake from Shecakes. Just upload your collage photo . We will be using edib..

INR 1,480
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